For more information, call us at 1-877-765-2265. We’re available Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

When will I receive my Manulife Bank access card?

Your Manulife Bank access card will be mailed to you within one week of your mortgage being funded.

How do I activate my access card?

To activate your access card, you must call us at 1-877-765-2265 and follow the card activation prompts. For security reasons, we will ask you to provide two pieces of personal information (e.g. your postal code and birth date) in addition to your access card number.

Where do I get my access card personal identification number (PIN)?

For security reasons, we will mail you a temporary four-digit PIN separate from the package that contains your access card. Your temporary PIN can be used for ABM and retail purchase transactions.

Can I change my PIN?

Once you’ve received your access card and temporary PIN, you can change your PIN at select Manulife Bank and THE EXCHANGE® Network of automated banking machines (ABM). Use our ABM locator tool to find an ABM that accepts PIN changes.

How do I order personalized cheques?

You will receive personalized cheques within one week of your mortgage funding. However, you cannot use your cheques until your account is activated. To order additional cheques once your account is active, you can either place an online order once you’ve set up and logged into your online banking service or call us at 1-877-765-2265.

You’ve sent me deposit slips from Royal Bank. What are they?

To make deposits more convenient for you, we’ve made special arrangements that allow you to make deposits with a bank teller only at any branch of the Royal Bank. If you requested these deposit slips and they haven’t arrived yet, they should arrive within four to six weeks after your Manulife One account has been activated. These personalized deposit slips are encoded with Manulife Bank information and your personal account information. These slips can only be used with a Royal Bank teller. They cannot be used to set up automatic payments, direct deposits, etc.

How do I use my Royal Bank deposit slips?

Using your Royal Bank deposit slips is easy:

i.  Complete the date and deposit amount on the deposit slip, and

ii. Take it and your deposit(s) to a teller only at any branch of the Royal Bank. Do not use a night deposit box.

Please allow a minimum of two business days for delivery and processing of any deposits made at a Royal Bank teller. Even though it may take a few days to process your deposit, your account will be credited as of the date you submitted your deposit. All deposits made at a Royal Bank branch after 3 p.m. ET will be credited to your account the following business day.

Where can I find a Manulife Bank automated banking machine (ABM)?

Manulife Bank is a member of THE EXCHANGE® Network. This is a network of ABMs across Canada that does not charge convenience fees to Manulife Bank customers. There are now more than 3,500 THE EXCHANGE® Network ABMs across Canada. Using your access card, you can make deposits to your Manulife One account at many ABMs in Canada that display this logo. Use our ABM locator on to find THE EXCHANGE® ABMs near you.

Do I have to pay to use an ABM?

You can use your access card to perform various transactions at ABMs that are part of THE EXCHANGE® Network by either paying a monthly fee, or by paying per transaction. The monthly fee option does not cover fees charged at ABMs operated by independent owners and other banks that are not part of THE EXCHANGE® Network.

Can I use my access card when I travel abroad?

Your access card will be accepted at vendors displaying the ACCEL® logo in the U.S. or the Maestro® logo internationally. Out-of-country access card transactions are subject to fees.

What is my daily ABM withdrawal limit?

Your daily ABM withdrawal limit is $1,200.

What is my daily purchase/point-of-sale limit?

Your daily purchase/point-of-sale limit is $3,000.

How do I set up my online and telephone banking services?

When you call us to activate your access card, we will help you set up your passwords for online and telephone banking. And, if you wish, we can also set up your voice-print enrolment, which can help us quickly confirm your identity and provide faster service the next time you call us.

Do you have a mobile banking app?

Yes, our app – Manulife Bank Mobile – is available for download to most Apple®, Android and BlackBerry® smartphones and tablets1.

1Manulife Bank Mobile is not available on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

How do I deposit money into my account?

There are several ways you can deposit money into your Manulife Bank Select chequing account, including:

  • Direct deposit - Have your income automatically deposited into your account.
  • Fund transfers - Transfer funds from another Canadian financial institution.
  • Mail  - Send cheques to: Manulife Bank, 500 King St. N., PO BOX 1602, Waterloo, ON, N2J4C6
  • ABM - More than half of the ABMs that make up The EXCHANGE® Network accept deposits. Check out the ABM locator tool to quickly find one near you.
  • Royal Bank deposit slips - Make deposits at any branch of the Royal Bank with bank tellers.
  • Bill payment - Set up your Manulife Bank Select account as a “bill” at another financial institution to make regular deposits.
  • Interac® e-Transfers - Have the Interac e-Transfers you receive directly deposited into your Manulife Bank Select account.

How do I set up my pay to be directly deposited into my Manulife Bank Select account?

Check with either your human resources or payroll department at your place of employment. You’ll likely have to supply them with a void cheque from your Manulife Bank Select account or your banking information, which can be found on the front of your Manulife Bank cheques.

Can I transfer funds between my Manulife Bank Select account and my accounts at other financial institutions?

Yes. If you keep a bank account open at another financial institution, fund transfers can act as a deposit to or a withdrawal from your Manulife Bank Select account. You can transfer funds online at or over the telephone once we have received your signed funds transfer agreement.

How do I set up automatic transactions, such as bill payments and pre-authorized payments?

To set up your bill profile, you can either log onto and “Add a payee,” or call us at 1-877-765-2265. To set up your automatic pre-authorized payments, contact the appropriate company and send them a void cheque from your Manulife Bank Select account. 

Where can I find my mortgage balance?

Your initial mortgage balance can be found in your Manulife Bank Select operating agreement. After your first mortgage payment is made, you can find your balance by using our online, mobile or telephone banking services, calling us at 1-877-765-2265. Your balance will also be included on your annual mortgage statement, which you’ll receive every January.

Where can I find details on my monthly mortgage payment, including date and amount?

Your monthly mortgage payment details, including due date and amount, are included in your Manulife Bank Select operating agreement.

How do I make mortgage payments?

Your mortgage payment will be automatically withdrawn from your Select banking account or an account in your name at another financial institution. If you have chosen to split your mortgage across multiple portions, you’ll have separate withdrawals for each of them based on the payment frequency and amount you have chosen for each portion. You may change your payment frequency at any time to better suit your monthly cash flow needs.

What are mortgage portions?

You can split your mortgage across up to five portions, in any combination of fixed and variable rate terms. This can help you make your mortgage work for you by combining the benefits of variable and fixed rates -- short and long terms – and allowing you to lock in different portions at lower interest rates. Each portion must have a minimum mortgage amount of $25,000.

Can I split my mortgage into portions now that my account has funded?

Unfortunately, splitting a mortgage into portions must be done when you complete your initial mortgage application. However, you can choose to divide up your mortgage when your term is up for renewal.  

Can I make extra mortgage payments, in addition to my regular mortgage payment?

In addition to your regular, amortized mortgage payments, each year you can make a lump-sum principal payment up to 20 per cent of your original mortgage amount and/or increase your regular mortgage payment by up to 25 per cent for a closed-term mortgage. For an open-term mortgage, you may prepay any amount at any time and/or increase your regular payment by any amount once each year of the term. If you’ve chosen to split your mortgage into portions, you can make these prepayments on any or all of the portions. Call us at 1-877-765-2265 to make a prepayment.

Check out the Manulife Bank Select Client Guide for more ways you can start using your new account successfully.

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